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What We’re Eating: Carta da Musica

insalata One of our favorite items on this month’s Regional Menu at Pricci is the Insalata of Blood Orange, Saved Fennel, Lolla Rossa Lettuce, Roasted Sardinian Olives, Carta da Musica, and Fiore Sardo Cheese. It’s not just that this salad is terrifically seasonal- of course we love the top-of-season blood oranges and the crispy fennel bulb, but what we love most is that this dish is rooted in history. The literal translation for “Carta da Musica” is “Sheet Music”, named because the dough is supposed to be rolled so thin that one can read sheet music through the finished flat bread. We didn’t have any sheet music lying around at our taste test, but the crisp, light-as-air bread was indeed thin enough to see through yet sturdy enough to hold the weight of the perfect bite: an olive, a blood orange, and a slice of fennel. The bread is made simply with flour, semolina, salt, and warm water. Carta da Musica is intentionally unleavened for increased shelf life, as migrant farmers used to carry several pounds of Carta da Musica with them to round out the usually three or four ingredient meals they would eat while camping.

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Meet Pricci’s Private Dining Manager!

Vanessa Sanchez

Meet Vanessa Sanchez, Pricci’s new Private Dining Manager! We got to sit down with Vanessa to talk all things party planning. Check out her tips for first time hosts, sticking to a budget, and deciding on the perfect venue!

How far in advance should people start planning their event?

I always like to say the sooner, the better! If there is one issue I run into with booking events, it’s availability. Make sure to lock in your date and give us a call after doing so! If you’re the go with the flow, flexible type, two weeks in advance is an ample amount of time to finalize menu and event details.

What tips do you have for first time event hosts?  

Tell us what you’re looking for! This is key in planning an event. The more communication and painting of a picture you give us, the better the execution. Also, relax! It’s our job to tie together all of the loose ends and make it easy for you.

What tips do you have for selecting the perfect event space?

Get as close to your headcount as possible. You’ll notice that this often results in a couple of venue eliminations. Also, take a look at menu options. If you’re a foodie like myself, this is always a great place to start! Set a list of non-negotiables. This too will come with venue eliminations, leading you closer to your private space!

What tips do you have for sticking to a budget?

Don’t be afraid to talk numbers. I am fortunate enough to work with a Chef who is always willing to customize menus for clients. Breaking it down to a price per person is always effective.

What’s the biggest mistake people make in event planning?

The biggest mistake is assuming we cannot accommodate something! You’d be surprised at how above and beyond we are willing to go at Buckhead Life, so please, ask!

What’s the Golden Rule of Event Planning?

Communication! Many people often apologize for emailing or calling too much when in reality, they are following the golden rule. When in doubt, ask it out!

To Learn more about Private Dining at Pricci, CLICK HERE!

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What We’re Eating: Culingionis Pasta

Culingionis Pasta Culingionis Pasta, Sardinia’s answer to ravioli, is a stuffed pasta shape that you’ll rarely find outside of Italy. Prized for its intricate shape (it takes serious skill to create pasta with the perfect pleats!) and versatility when it comes to filling, this pasta was once considered so precious that it was often given as a gift as a sign of friendship and respect. stuffing Culingionis Pasta While the fillings and shapes vary throughout the region of Sardinia, all Culingionis pasta has one thing in common: its intricate seal. In fact, the ability to shape the pasta perfectly is a prized skill among chefs and every different seal is like a Chef’s signature- unique and identifiable.  sealing Culingionis Pasta Chef Piero’s Culingionis Pasta on this month’s Regional Menu is filled with fresh sweet peas, local ricotta, and Pecorino mousse and served with roasted tomato and Mediterranean shrimp.

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Pricci Regional Menu: November in Benevento

Each month, Chef Piero Premoli of Pricci takes diners on a culinary tour of different regions of Italy. This month’s menu celebrates the fresh flavors of the coastal region of Campania and is sure to broaden your culinary horizons and further your love of Italian cuisine. Chef Piero’s menu is available every night. Three Course Menu 39. With Wine Pairings, additional 18. See the menu. 
Here are some of our favorites from this month’s menu:
Medaglioni di Vitello

Medaglioni di Vitello 

Chef Piero’s “Medaglioni di Vitello” is the ultimate Italian comfort food. Tender veal is marinated then perfectly charred and served alongside cheese-stuffed roasted potatoes and dressed with a green peppercorn and artichoke sauce and topped with microgreens. The exciting flavors and complex textures in this dish make it among the most addictive dishes to ever hit Pricci’s menu.

Scarpariello Pomodoro e Scampi

Scarpariello Pomodoro e Scampi

Chef Piero’s “Scarpariello Pomodoro e Scampi” is inspired by Campania’s coastal setting. A region prized for its fresh produce, handmade pastas, and ultra-fresh seafood, this flavorful, spicy dish makes use of fresh chilies, Mediterranean Langostino, and day-made spago pasta.



“Baba”, Chef Piero’s fresh, seasonal take on the classic dessert plays on the complex flavors of fall. Light yeast cakes are filled with silky cream, soaked in rum, then topped with apricot and rum raisin sauce and candied orange peels.

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