An American dining experience unlike any other, Buckhead Diner is truly an Atlanta classic. Join us where diner meets fine dining, with inventive and long-time favorite menu items, snappy service and retro style.


  • "I had always heard about Buckhead Diner, but had never eaten there. The service was great, everyone was friendly and so nice. The food was delicious, especially the blue cheese chips! I can't wait to go back. Great experience!"

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  • "Always an A+. We have loved Buckhead Diner for many years and it is still WONDERFUL. Great food and service. A winner."

    Open Table

  • "I've been dining here since 1993 and this place is always and has been consistent. You know what you're getting here folks. No fluff, just good old food! This restaurant is a good moderately priced choice for ANY occasion."