Give the Gift of the Good Life

With a 20% Holiday Bonus Nov 24 – Dec 25, 2023

November 16, 2023 | Atlanta, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale


The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than by giving the gift of an exquisite dining experience? Buckhead Life Restaurant Group’s Ultimate Dining Card is the perfect present for food enthusiasts, offering not just a delightful culinary journey but also an incredible 20% holiday bonus. This limited-time offer, available from November 24th to December 25th, is the epitome of generosity, allowing you to share the joy of exceptional dining with your loved ones.

Unveiling Culinary Excellence: 9 Restaurants, 1 Amazing Gift

The Ultimate Card Promo

With the Ultimate Dining Card, recipients gain access to a culinary adventure spanning nine distinct restaurants under the Buckhead Life umbrella. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere and a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Let’s explore the gastronomic wonders awaiting lucky recipients.

1. Atlanta Fish Market: A Seafood Haven

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For seafood aficionados, Atlanta Fish Market is a haven of oceanic delights. Immerse yourself in the freshest catches expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds.

2. Bistro Niko: French Elegance in the Heart of Atlanta

Transport yourself to the streets of Paris at Bistro Niko. This French brasserie combines culinary mastery with an inviting ambiance, making it the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a lively gathering.

3. Chops Lobster Bar in Atlanta: Steakhouse Sophistication

Indulge in the epitome of steakhouse sophistication at Chops Lobster Bar in Atlanta. From perfectly grilled steaks to succulent lobster, this restaurant sets the standard for a luxurious dining experience.

4. Chops Lobster Bar in Boca Raton: Bringing the Best to South Florida

For those in South Florida, Chops Lobster Bar in Boca Raton promises the same level of excellence. Savor the flavors of prime steaks and fresh seafood in a setting that exudes elegance.

5. City Fish Market in Boca Raton: Seafood Extravaganza

Dive into a seafood extravaganza at City Fish Market in Boca Raton. Impeccable service and an extensive menu featuring the finest catches make this a go-to destination for seafood enthusiasts.

6. Corner Cafe & Buckhead Bread Co.: Casual Delights

If you’re in the mood for casual delights, Corner Cafe & Buckhead Bread Co. is the place to be. Enjoy freshly baked bread, hearty sandwiches, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

7. Kyma: Greek Gastronomy at Its Finest

Embark on a journey to Greece at Kyma, where traditional Greek flavors are elevated to new heights. Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean.

8. Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Fort Lauderdale: Coastal Charm

For a touch of coastal charm and exceptional seafood, Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Fort Lauderdale delivers an unparalleled dining experience. Fresh, flavorful, and expertly crafted dishes await.

9. Pricci: Italian Elegance in Every Bite

Pricci, the crown jewel of Italian cuisine, beckons with its elegant ambiance and a menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors from Italy. Indulge in the finest pasta, pizza, and more.

The Ultimate Gift that Keeps Giving

What makes the Ultimate Dining Card truly exceptional is its versatility. With nine outstanding restaurants to choose from, recipients have the flexibility to explore various culinary realms, making this gift perfect for any occasion.

This extraordinary offer comes with a 20% holiday bonus, ensuring that the joy of giving is reciprocated with a little extra for the giver. The best part? There’s no minimum spend required to unlock this bonus, making it a truly generous gift for all.

Timeless and Convenient: E-Gift Cards for All

The Ultimate Dining Card is not only a timeless gift but also a convenient one. Choose the ease of an e-gift card, allowing you to effortlessly share the joy of exceptional dining experiences with friends and family, near or far.

What sets this offer apart is its flexibility—these gift cards never expire. Whether it’s a spontaneous night out or a planned celebration, recipients can use their Ultimate Dining Card whenever the mood strikes.

Act Fast: A Limited-Time Extravaganza

This incredible 20% holiday bonus offer is available from Black Friday, November 24th, through Christmas Day, December 25th. It’s the perfect window of opportunity to secure the Ultimate Dining Card and ensure a season filled with delectable delights.

The Perfect Gift for Everyone

In the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. However, the Ultimate Dining Card from Buckhead Life Restaurant Group solves this dilemma, offering a thoughtful and indulgent present suitable for everyone on your list. Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague, or even yourself, this gift is a surefire way to spread joy and create lasting memories.

Spoil Yourself Too: An Additional 20% Awaits

As you embark on this journey of giving, don’t forget to indulge yourself. With an additional 20% bonus, treating yourself to the Ultimate Dining Card is not just an act of generosity—it’s an opportunity to experience the culinary wonders that Buckhead Life Restaurant Group has to offer.


In summary, the Ultimate Dining Card with its 20% holiday bonus is a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s an invitation to savor the good life, one delectable bite at a time. So, why settle for the predictable when you can gift an experience that transcends expectations? Give the gift of the good life this holiday season and create moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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