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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the Summer Dine Around list?
The best way to get on the Summer Dine Around list is to be a Loyal Buckhead Life guest throughout the year. Each year, we compile the list by identifying guests who dine with us frequently. We look for guests who have a current online profile and who receive and read our emails and for guests who purchase and use our Ultimate Dining Card. Be sure that you have not opted out of our email list.

I’ve never been to the restaurant on my card, and I really wanted my favorite restaurant. Is it
possible to swap my card?
We are unable to accommodate card swaps this summer. However, thanks to the addition of the $25 Extra Visit Card, you will have a chance to visit your favorite Summer Dine Around restaurant again. Also, you may find that you have a new Buckhead Life Restaurant Group favorite!

Is there a minimum spend?
The Summer Dine Around is a Reward for our loyal guests who dine frequently, so there is no minimum spend. We do encourage Summer Dine Around guests to reward great service by tipping on the full check amount prior to the $25 card redemption.

What happens if I’m out of town or just forget to use my card one month?
There is a grace period which allows you to use your card through the 7th of the following month. (For example, you may use your “June” gold card through July 7.) After that, the card is no longer recognized by our system. Don’t wait until the last minute! If you think you will be out of town at the end of a certain month, make your plans early. You need to redeem your current gold card to receive the next in your series and to receive the extra visit black card.

How can I share this program with my friends?
During the months of June and July, we invite Dine Around guests to share the program through the “Bring a Couple” feature. When a party of four dines (i.e. you and your guest bring another couple), your guests will be given an enrollment card and the manager will present them with a Dine Around card for the following month.

We highly recommend that your guests fill out the form so we can add them into our mailing list and include them in future promotions.

I have been part of the Summer Dine Around for years but didn’t get a card this year. Why?
We have a limited number of Summer Dine Around cards to send out each year. To be included in future Dine Around programs, please review the criteria in the Program Overview.
Participation in the Summer Dine Around is not guaranteed.

Is there any way you can still send me a Summer Dine Around Card for this year?
Unfortunately, we don’t print extra cards. Once the program starts we are unable to send out additional

I signed up for the emails but have not received any information about the Summer Dine Around
program. Why?
To avoid confusion, once the list is set for the summer, we don’t send Dine Around messages to people
who will not receive a gold card.

Some of my friends have Summer Dine Around cards. Can we use them together?
You may use one Dine Around card for a minimum of two guests. If, for example, four friends dine together, you can use two Dine Around cards for the table. The ratio is one Dine Around card per of two guests.

Why can’t I use my $25 Summer Dine Around card with my Ultimate Card?
The Summer Dine Around is the most generous restaurant reward program available. In order to offer this program to our guests and to continue offering added value to any Ultimate Card purchase, we are unable to combine the discounts.

I noticed that cards are valid for “food only.” Does that mean I can’t use it on cocktails or wine?
Due to Georgia law, we can’t give away complimentary alcoholic beverages. Just think of your card as paying for your dinner, and treat yourself to a bottle of wine or cocktails.

The restaurants are pretty busy this summer. Should I make reservations?
You should always make reservations, especially during the Summer Dine Around. Because some guests aren’t able to use their cards until the end of the month, the restaurants tend to be particularly busy toward then, so be sure to reserve early.

Reservations can be made by calling the restaurants or visiting our website at: buckheadrestaurants.com.
Always include your email address when you call or book a reservation online. Using your email allows us to confirm that you are enjoying your Dine Around card and that we should keep sending them to you.

What is the $25 Extra Visit Card?
When you use your September gold card, you will receive the black $25 Extra Visit Card. This card allows you to visit the Dine Around restaurant of your choice during the month of October.

The same gold card terms and conditions apply to the black card. Please note that a gold card and black card cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other cards or promotions.

Who can I speak to about the Summer Dine Around program?
Please email questions to: [email protected] and include your name and mailing address. All emails are returned within 48 business hours.

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