The Summer Dine Around Program 2022. What you need to know.

May 22, 2019


Program Overview:

The Summer Dine Around is an exclusive Buckhead Life Restaurant Group loyalty program designed to reward Atlanta guests who loyally dine with us throughout the year.  Prior to the start of the program, Buckhead Life, uses several criteria to identify those guests who will receive a Summer Dine Around Gold Card.  The criteria includes:

  • Has purchased an Ultimate Dining Card in the last 12 months
  • Receives and opens our emails
  • Dines at our restaurants during non-Dine Around months
  • Maintains an updated online profile
  • Successfully participated in previous Summer Dine Arounds

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Due to the cost of the program, we send out a limited number of cards each year and are not able to offer to cards to everyone.  Once the list is set, we are unable to add guests to the program.  Unfortunately, no one is guaranteed a card, even if they meet all the criteria. Due to the limited number of cards, Buckhead Life only sends one Gold Card per person, per household.

The first Gold Cards are mailed just prior to June, allowing guests to start the program in June.  Guests who use all the cards in the series realize $120+ in value.

By presenting any Summer Dine Around card, a user agrees to all program terms and conditions set forth in this document. As specified on all program materials, Buckhead Life reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer.
Please Note: We are unable to accommodate request card swaps. 

Summer Dine Around Gold Cards (June, July, August, September)

Each Gold Card may be redeemed for $20 off your dinner (food only) in the month, year and at the Restaurant specified on the front of the card. It is valid for a minimum of two guests per dining card, Sunday through Friday, dinner only.  Each Gold Card may only be used once and any unused value does not roll over to subsequent visits.

Gold Cards may not be used at our retail outlets (Pano’s Fish Market or Buckhead Bread Company.)  Gold Cards may not be used for take-out orders, Happy Hour menus, and lunch. Gold Cards are not redeemable for cash or gratuity and may not be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Dining Card, Epitome Card, Club Card or any other promotion. Cards are non-transferable.

When you dine at the restaurant listed on the front of the Gold Card, you will receive $20 off your dinner for two and the Gold Card for the next month at a different restaurant.  This repeats each month during June, July, August, and September with the goal of giving you a chance to experience several of our restaurants. The cards are distributed in a pre-set rotation of restaurants. 

$20 Extra Visit Black Card

When you dine using your August Gold Card, you will receive a Black $20 Extra Visit Card, in addition to your September Gold Card.  The Extra Visit Card is good for one extra visit to any Summer Dine Around restaurant.  It is only valid in August or September 2022.  This card allows you to visit your favorite of the Dine Around restaurants or a restaurant you haven’t been to during the Summer.

Summer Dine Around Tips

Make Reservations!   

Make reservations, using the same name and same email address.

Forget to use your card? There is a Grace Period!

All Gold Cards and the $20 Extra Visit Card have a 7-day grace period.

June card July 7th
July card .... by August 7th
August card .... by September 7th
September card & Extra Visit Black Card  .... by October 7th

Have Additional Questions - Please Email Us!

If you have a question about the program that hasn't been answered above, we're here to help! The most efficient way for us to help you quickly is for you to email us with your question and include your first and last name, email address, and mailing address. We respond to every email, every day (Monday to Friday). Email us at

Office Hours

Our office hours for the Summer Dine Around are Monday-Friday, 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM.