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Jazzy Thursdays at Pricci

Live Jazz, delicious food, and 1/2 price bottles of wine make this one of the liveliest Happy Hours in town. Live Jazz from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. ½ price bottles of wine all day long.

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Pricci Regional Menu: November in Benevento

Each month, Chef Piero Premoli of Pricci takes diners on a culinary tour of different regions of Italy. This month’s menu celebrates the fresh flavors of the coastal region of Campania and is sure to broaden your culinary horizons and further your love of Italian cuisine. Chef Piero’s menu is available every night. Three Course Menu 39. With Wine Pairings, additional 18. See the menu. 
Here are some of our favorites from this month’s menu:

Medaglioni di Vitello 

Chef Piero’s “Medaglioni di Vitello” is the ultimate Italian comfort food. Tender veal is marinated then perfectly charred and served alongside cheese-stuffed roasted potatoes and dressed with a green peppercorn and artichoke sauce and topped with microgreens. The exciting flavors and complex textures in this dish make it among the most addictive dishes to ever hit Pricci’s menu.


Scarpariello Pomodoro e Scampi

Chef Piero’s “Scarpariello Pomodoro e Scampi” is inspired by Campania’s coastal setting. A region prized for its fresh produce, handmade pastas, and ultra-fresh seafood, this flavorful, spicy dish makes use of fresh chilies, Mediterranean Langostino, and day-made spago pasta.



“Baba”, Chef Piero’s fresh, seasonal take on the classic dessert plays on the complex flavors of fall. Light yeast cakes are filled with silky cream, soaked in rum, then topped with apricot and rum raisin sauce and candied orange peels.

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