The Summer Dine Around. Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get on the Dine Around list?

• The Summer Dine Around is a loyalty program designed to reward the guests who dine with us throughout the year. When we create the Dine Around list, we look for guests who dine with us frequently, make reservations, purchase or use an Ultimate Card and who are signed up for our email list.

I’ve never been to the restaurant on my card, and I really wanted my favorite restaurant. Is it possible to swap my card?

• The Summer Dine Around is designed to encourage you to try different restaurants and enjoy a new experience. We allow one card swap during the summer. Swaps must be for a card within the same month and must take place at the Buckhead Life corporate office during regular weekday business hours (9 am to 6:30 pm). The supply of cards is limited, so all restaurants may not be available for swaps.

Is there a minimum spend?

• The Summer Dine Around is designed to reward our loyal guests who are loyal diners throughout the year. There is no minimum spend. However, the Dine around Card may only be used for Dinner for two or more people, Sunday – Friday.

What happens if I’m out of town or just forget to use my card one month?

• You have a grace period until the 7th of the following month to use your card. (For example, you may use your “June” Gold Card until July 7.) After that, the card is programmed not to work in our system.

• Don’t wait until the last minute! If you think you will be out of town at the end of a certain month, make your plans early. You will need to redeem your current Gold Card to receive the next in your series and to receive the Ultimate Bonus Card.

How can I share this program with my friends?

• We offer the “Bring A Couple” feature for our loyal guests who want to share the program. When a party of four dines (i.e. you and your guest bring another couple), your guests will be asked to complete an enrollment card, which must include an email address.

• Once your guests have completed the form, the manager will present your guests with a Dine Around card for the following month. We will enter your guest’s information into our mailing list and will include them in future promotions.

I have been part of the Summer Dine Around for years but didn’t get a card this year. Why?

• Unfortunately, we aren’t able to send cards to everyone.

Is there any way you can still send me a Summer Dine Around Card for this year?

• Unfortunately, we are not able to send out additional cards for this year’s program.

I signed up for the emails but have not received any information about the Summer Dine Around program. Why?

• To avoid confusion, once the list is set for the summer, we don’t send Dine Around messages to people who will not receive a card.

Some of my friends also have Summer Dine Around cards. Can we use them together?

• You may use one Dine Around Card for a minimum of two guests. If, for example, four friends dine together, you can use two Dine Around Cards for the table. The ratio is one Dine Around Card per minimum of two guests.

Why can’t I use my $25 Summer Dine Around Card with my Ultimate Card?

• With the free $25 Gold Card and the added value offer on Ultimate Cards we are currently running year round, we are unable to combine the discounts.

I noticed that cards are valid for “food only.” Does that mean I can’t use it on cocktails or wine?

• Due to Georgia law, we can’t give away complimentary alcoholic beverages. Just think of your card as paying for your dinner and treat yourself to a glass of wine or cocktail.

The restaurants are pretty busy this summer. Should I make reservations?

• You should always make reservations in advance, especially during the Summer Dine Around. Because some guests aren’t able to use their cards until the end of the month, the restaurants tend to be particularly busy toward then, so be sure to reserve early.

• The only exception to the “make reservations” rule is Buckhead Diner. Buckhead Diner does not take reservations, but does offer call-ahead priority seating, which is recommended.

• Reservations can be made by calling the restaurants or through

• Always include your email when you call or book a reservation online. Using your email allows us to confirm that you are enjoying your Dine Around Card and that we should keep sending them to you.

What is the $25 Extra Visit Card?

• The $25 Extra Visit card is new to the Summer Dine Around program in 2014. When you use your August Gold Card you will receive this blue card and your September Gold Card. The Extra Visit Card is valid in August and September and can be used at any of the Dine Around restaurants for a separate visit.

• The same Gold Card terms and conditions apply to the blue card. Please note that the Gold Card and blue card cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other cards or promotions.

Do I have to activate Bonus Card?

• Nope, we’ve changed this from past years.

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The Summer Dine Around. What you need to know.

Program Overview

The Summer Dine Around is an exclusive Buckhead Life Restaurant Group loyalty program designed to reward Atlanta guests who loyally dine with us throughout the year.  Prior to the start of the program, Buckhead Life, uses several criteria to identify those guests who will receive a Summer Dine Around Gold Card.  The criteria includes:
  • Maintains a valid, current online profile
  • Receives and opens our emails
  • Dines at our restaurants during non-Dine Around months
  • Purchases or uses an Ultimate Dining Card
  • Successfully participated in previous Summer Dine Arounds
Due to the cost of the program, we send out a limited number of cards each year and are not able to offer to cards to everyone.  Once the list is set, we are unable to add guests to the program.  Unfortunately, no one is guaranteed a card, even if they meet all the criteria. Due to the limited number of cards, Buckhead Life only sends one Gold Card per person, per household.

Buckhead Life mails Summer Dine Around Gold Cards in 2 waves.  The first Gold Cards are mailed just prior to June 1st, allowing guests to start the program in June.  Guests who start the program in June and use all the cards in the series realize $150 in value.

The second round of Gold Cards are mailed just prior to July 1st, allowing guests to start the program in July.  Guests who start the program in July and use all the cards in the series realize $125 in value.

By presenting any Summer Dine Around card, a user agrees to all program terms and conditions set forth in this document. As specified on all program materials, Buckhead Life reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer.

Gold Card

Each Gold Card may be redeemed for $25 off your dinner (food only) in the month, year and at the restaurant specified on card front. It is valid for a minimum of two guests per dining card, Sunday through Friday.  Each Gold Card may only be used once and any unused value does not roll over to subsequent visits.

Gold Cards may not be used at our retail outlets (Pano’s Fish Market or Buckhead Bread Company.)  Gold Cards may not be used for take-out orders or Happy Hour menus. Gold Cards are not redeemable for cash or gratuity and may not be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Dining Card, Epitome Card, Club Card or any other promotion. Cards are non-transferable.

When you dine at the restaurant listed on the front of the Gold Card, you will receive $25 off your dinner for two and the Gold Card for the next month at a different.  This repeats each month during June, July, August and September with the goal of giving you a chance to experience several of our restaurants. The cards are distributed in a pre-set rotation.

$25 Extra Visit Card

When you dine using your August Gold Card, you will receive a blue $25 Extra Visit Card, in addition to your September Gold Card.  The Extra Visit Card is good for one extra visit to any Summer Dine Around restaurant.  It is only valid in August or September 2015.  This card allows you to visit your favorite of the Dine Around restaurants or a restaurant you haven’t been to during the Summer.

  $25 Bonus Card

When you complete the Summer Dine Around by using your September Gold Card, you will receive a $25 Bonus Card.  This card does not need to be activated.  The $25 Bonus Card is valid only in the months of October and November and may be used at any of the Summer Dine Around restaurants. We are no longer offering Ultimate Bonus Cards at the end of the Summer Dine Around.
Things to Keep in Mind…

Grace Period

All Gold Cards, $25 Extra Visit Cards and $25 Bonus Cards include a seven day grace period.


We’ve designed the Summer Dine Around to provide guests with the opportunity to try a variety of restaurants. We do allow one “swap” per summer. You may not swap for a restaurant you have already been to. Swaps can only be made at the corporate office Monday-Friday. 9 -6:30pm. Swaps are based on availability.

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Buckhead Life’s Charitable Giving Program

In addition to our ongoing philanthropic efforts, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group donates to various charities and community groups each month. If your group would like to be considered for a donation, here’s what we need from you:

Please send the following information to . Requests that are incomplete may not be considered. 

The name of your organization

The name of your event

The date & location of your event

A few details about the mission of the organization

A complete mailing address to which any donation should be mailed

Your contact information 

Because we receive more than 300 requests each month, you must submit your request at least six weeks in advance of your event. We respond to every request we receive. Look for our reply by email around the 15th of the month previous to your event. Please note that donation funds are limited and we cannot guarantee that your group will receive a donation.

Thanks again for thinking of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, and best of luck with your work in the community. We salute your efforts!

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What We’re Eating: Carta da Musica


One of our favorite items on this month’s Regional Menu at Pricci is the Insalata of Blood Orange, Saved Fennel, Lolla Rossa Lettuce, Roasted Sardinian Olives, Carta da Musica, and Fiore Sardo Cheese.

It’s not just that this salad is terrifically seasonal- of course we love the top-of-season blood oranges and the crispy fennel bulb, but what we love most is that this dish is rooted in history. The literal translation for “Carta da Musica” is “Sheet Music”, named because the dough is supposed to be rolled so thin that one can read sheet music through the finished flat bread.

We didn’t have any sheet music lying around at our taste test, but the crisp, light-as-air bread was indeed thin enough to see through yet sturdy enough to hold the weight of the perfect bite: an olive, a blood orange, and a slice of fennel.

The bread is made simply with flour, semolina, salt, and warm water. Carta da Musica is intentionally unleavened for increased shelf life, as migrant farmers used to carry several pounds of Carta da Musica with them to round out the usually three or four ingredient meals they would eat while camping.

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Chef Sean Thompson


We sat down with the Chef behind the gorgeous dishes at Chops Boca to talk about how his first night on the job, what he loves most about being a chef, and his biggest accomplishment yet.

How long have you been the Executive Chef of Chops Boca?

It’ll be 2 years in July.

What do you remember about your first night there?

I remember Pano introducing me as the new chef. I’m lucky that the staff embraced me as I embraced them.  I had a speech that probably came out completely different than what I had envisioned, but I do remember telling everybody that it was time to get to work, which is exactly what we’ve been doing ever since!

What’s your favorite Chops Boca memory?

That’s hard to say! We have a lot of fun here and we’ve had so many great memories that seem to just keep coming.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Every part of it. The fact that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love more than anything as a career is indescribable. I have the opportunity to make other people’s lives better w/ my passion for cooking. Words can’t describe.

What’s your proudest accomplishment at Chops Boca?

I think when you stop and take too much time to recognize accomplishments it puts an emphasis on a stopping point. Yes; we have accomplished a lot and I’m very proud of the work we have done, but I feel like Buckhead Life and Chops Lobster Bar is just getting started. Through our hard work and attention to detail, sky’s the limit.

Any notable celebrity sightings?

It’s a tie between Adam Sandler and Anthony Rizzo.

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Soft Shell Season


Blue Crabs in the warm waters of Florida have started their annual molting process, thus kicking off one of our favorite times of the year: Soft Shell Season! When Blue Crabs outgrow their hard exterior shells they go through a process called molting where they shed their outer shell. It’s only a matter of hours before their replacement shells harden, so when it comes to Soft Shells timing is everything!  Most fisherman will catch Blue Crabs, keep them in saltwater tanks while they wait for the soft shells to molt, and then remove them from the salt water which keeps the new shell from hardening.

All of our Soft Shells are sustainably harvested in Citrus County, Florida and delivered live directly to Pano’s Market at the Atlanta Fish Market. Thanks to our relationships with fishermen, we’re serving the freshest {and first!} Soft Shells in the city.

Our Chefs are wild about these warm-water loving crustaceans because of their delicate texture and sweet flavor that lends itself to a wide variety of flavors and cooking techniques. From now through mid-June you so you can look forward to Soft Shell Specials from your favorite BLRG chefs! 

This weekend you can find soft shells at Buckhead Diner, Bistro Niko, and Chops Lobster Bar.

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What We’re Eating: Belon Oysters


Also known as “European Flats”, the famed Belon is our favorite oyster this time of year. Atlanta Fish Market is one of the only restaurants in Atlanta serving this hard-to-find gem, so we often hear the question “what’s so special about belon oysters?”

Well for starters, these oysters are essentially a species unto their own in the oyster world. In fact, their shells are impossibly round and more closely resemble a large scallop than a common oyster. As the nickname might suggest, these oysters are “flat”- so flat in fact that many of these oysters cannot close their shells after being removed from the water and must be banded (notice the red rubber bands above) and packed upside down to stop the shells from draining.

“Belon” is actually the name of a river in Brittany, France that’s said to cultivate the finest oysters in Europe. In fact, the species wasn’t introduced to the United States until the 1950s, but it flourished in the chilly waters of Maine and 70 years of cultivation has resulted in an oyster that’s incredibly unique in that it has none of the briny, salty flavors commonly associated gulf-raised bivalves. Instead, they’re known for their strong mineral, metallic, and sometimes even hazelnut flavors that many find polarizing. When it comes to Belons there’s one thing we can agree on one thing- this is an oyster that will leave few without opinion.

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Join us for Share our Strength!


Atlanta’s Taste of the Nation

for No Kid Hungry

Celebrating 29 Years!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Southern Exchange at 200 Peachtree 200 Peachtree Street NW, #206 Atlanta, GA 30303

Event Chairmen: Pano Karatassos & George McKerrow

Prepare your taste buds for the return of the city’s most anticipated culinary event of the year, Atlanta’s Taste of the Nation® for No Kid Hungry. Celebrating its 29th anniversary, the event will take place on Thursday, April 20th in a brand new venue, Southern Exchange at 200 Peachtree, featuring more restaurants, more chefs and more surprises including an intimate VIP Dinner Experience. 100% of proceeds support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in America.  Leading the 2017 event along with our Event Chairmen, Pano Karatassos and George McKerrow, is Honorary Chef Cat Cora, TV personality and restaurateur.

Guests can take part in two different experiences: an ultra-exclusive VIP experience featuring a multi-course dinner with wine pairings (prepared table side) by one of Atlanta’s most influential chefs or the Grand Tasting experience, sampling signature fare and spirits from over 50 of the city’s premier restaurants while enjoying auctions, wine tastings and live entertainment.

Together, we will end childhood hunger in America.

Interested in learning more about the 2017 event? Please reach out to Allison Palestrini at 

Click to purchase tickets and learn more about the event. 

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