Summer Dine Around Cardholders Update!

August 30, 2019 Summer Dine Around Cardholders Update

Current Summer Dine Around Cardholders ~ Each month, there is a grace period!

August Cards – Valid until September 8th September Cards – Valid until October 7th Extra Visit Cards – Valid until October  7th

We are not adding new cardholders to the 2019 Summer Dine Around Program.

How do you get on the program for 2020?

  • Dine Often & Dine throughout the year! This program was established to reward our loyal diners. Dining just during Summer Dine Around will not guarantee you a spot!
  • Make sure you use the same phone number and/or the same email address when making reservations.
  • Sign up for our email! If you are not getting them, you probably opted out!  We cannot contact you if you have opted out, therefore we cannot send you a card if you are eligible!
  • If you tend to dine with Buckhead Diner or Corner Cafe, please make sure you make a “Priority Seating” reservation.
  • Don’t abuse the program ~ you know who you are! 🙂