The Summer Dine Around. Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get on the Dine Around list?

• The Summer Dine Around is a loyalty program designed to reward the guests who dine with us throughout the year. When we create the Dine Around list, we look for guests who dine with us frequently, make reservations, purchase or use an Ultimate Card and who are signed up for our email list.

I’ve never been to the restaurant on my card, and I really wanted my favorite restaurant. Is it possible to swap my card?

• The Summer Dine Around is designed to encourage you to try different restaurants and enjoy a new experience. We allow one card swap during the summer. Swaps must be for a card within the same month and must take place at the Buckhead Life corporate office during regular weekday business hours (9 am to 6:30 pm). The supply of cards is limited, so all restaurants may not be available for swaps.

Is there a minimum spend?

• The Summer Dine Around is designed to reward our loyal guests who are loyal diners throughout the year. There is no minimum spend. However, the Dine around Card may only be used for Dinner for two or more people, Sunday – Friday.

What happens if I’m out of town or just forget to use my card one month?

• You have a grace period until the 7th of the following month to use your card. (For example, you may use your “June” Gold Card until July 7.) After that, the card is programmed not to work in our system.

• Don’t wait until the last minute! If you think you will be out of town at the end of a certain month, make your plans early. You will need to redeem your current Gold Card to receive the next in your series and to receive the Ultimate Bonus Card.

How can I share this program with my friends?

• We offer the “Bring A Couple” feature for our loyal guests who want to share the program. When a party of four dines (i.e. you and your guest bring another couple), your guests will be asked to complete an enrollment card, which must include an email address.

• Once your guests have completed the form, the manager will present your guests with a Dine Around card for the following month. We will enter your guest’s information into our mailing list and will include them in future promotions.

I have been part of the Summer Dine Around for years but didn’t get a card this year. Why?

• Unfortunately, we aren’t able to send cards to everyone.

Is there any way you can still send me a Summer Dine Around Card for this year?

• Unfortunately, we are not able to send out additional cards for this year’s program.

I signed up for the emails but have not received any information about the Summer Dine Around program. Why?

• To avoid confusion, once the list is set for the summer, we don’t send Dine Around messages to people who will not receive a card.

Some of my friends also have Summer Dine Around cards. Can we use them together?

• You may use one Dine Around Card for a minimum of two guests. If, for example, four friends dine together, you can use two Dine Around Cards for the table. The ratio is one Dine Around Card per minimum of two guests.

Why can’t I use my $25 Summer Dine Around Card with my Ultimate Card?

• With the free $25 Gold Card and the added value offer on Ultimate Cards we are currently running year round, we are unable to combine the discounts.

I noticed that cards are valid for “food only.” Does that mean I can’t use it on cocktails or wine?

• Due to Georgia law, we can’t give away complimentary alcoholic beverages. Just think of your card as paying for your dinner and treat yourself to a glass of wine or cocktail.

The restaurants are pretty busy this summer. Should I make reservations?

• You should always make reservations in advance, especially during the Summer Dine Around. Because some guests aren’t able to use their cards until the end of the month, the restaurants tend to be particularly busy toward then, so be sure to reserve early.

• The only exception to the “make reservations” rule is Buckhead Diner. Buckhead Diner does not take reservations, but does offer call-ahead priority seating, which is recommended.

• Reservations can be made by calling the restaurants or through

• Always include your email when you call or book a reservation online. Using your email allows us to confirm that you are enjoying your Dine Around Card and that we should keep sending them to you.

What is the $25 Extra Visit Card?

• The $25 Extra Visit card is new to the Summer Dine Around program in 2014. When you use your August Gold Card you will receive this blue card and your September Gold Card. The Extra Visit Card is valid in August and September and can be used at any of the Dine Around restaurants for a separate visit.

• The same Gold Card terms and conditions apply to the blue card. Please note that the Gold Card and blue card cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other cards or promotions.

Do I have to activate Bonus Card?

• Nope, we’ve changed this from past years.

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The Summer Dine Around. What you need to know.

Program Overview

The Summer Dine Around is an exclusive Buckhead Life Restaurant Group loyalty program designed to reward Atlanta guests who loyally dine with us throughout the year.  Prior to the start of the program, Buckhead Life, uses several criteria to identify those guests who will receive a Summer Dine Around Gold Card.  The criteria includes:
  • Maintains a valid, current online profile
  • Receives and opens our emails
  • Dines at our restaurants during non-Dine Around months
  • Purchases or uses an Ultimate Dining Card
  • Successfully participated in previous Summer Dine Arounds
Due to the cost of the program, we send out a limited number of cards each year and are not able to offer to cards to everyone.  Once the list is set, we are unable to add guests to the program.  Unfortunately, no one is guaranteed a card, even if they meet all the criteria. Due to the limited number of cards, Buckhead Life only sends one Gold Card per person, per household.

Buckhead Life mails Summer Dine Around Gold Cards in 2 waves.  The first Gold Cards are mailed just prior to June 1st, allowing guests to start the program in June.  Guests who start the program in June and use all the cards in the series realize $150 in value.

The second round of Gold Cards are mailed just prior to July 1st, allowing guests to start the program in July.  Guests who start the program in July and use all the cards in the series realize $125 in value.

By presenting any Summer Dine Around card, a user agrees to all program terms and conditions set forth in this document. As specified on all program materials, Buckhead Life reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer.

Gold Card

Each Gold Card may be redeemed for $25 off your dinner (food only) in the month, year and at the restaurant specified on card front. It is valid for a minimum of two guests per dining card, Sunday through Friday.  Each Gold Card may only be used once and any unused value does not roll over to subsequent visits.

Gold Cards may not be used at our retail outlets (Pano’s Fish Market or Buckhead Bread Company.)  Gold Cards may not be used for take-out orders or Happy Hour menus. Gold Cards are not redeemable for cash or gratuity and may not be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Dining Card, Epitome Card, Club Card or any other promotion. Cards are non-transferable.

When you dine at the restaurant listed on the front of the Gold Card, you will receive $25 off your dinner for two and the Gold Card for the next month at a different.  This repeats each month during June, July, August and September with the goal of giving you a chance to experience several of our restaurants. The cards are distributed in a pre-set rotation.

$25 Extra Visit Card

When you dine using your August Gold Card, you will receive a blue $25 Extra Visit Card, in addition to your September Gold Card.  The Extra Visit Card is good for one extra visit to any Summer Dine Around restaurant.  It is only valid in August or September 2015.  This card allows you to visit your favorite of the Dine Around restaurants or a restaurant you haven’t been to during the Summer.

  $25 Bonus Card

When you complete the Summer Dine Around by using your September Gold Card, you will receive a $25 Bonus Card.  This card does not need to be activated.  The $25 Bonus Card is valid only in the months of October and November and may be used at any of the Summer Dine Around restaurants. We are no longer offering Ultimate Bonus Cards at the end of the Summer Dine Around.
Things to Keep in Mind…

Grace Period

All Gold Cards, $25 Extra Visit Cards and $25 Bonus Cards include a seven day grace period.


We’ve designed the Summer Dine Around to provide guests with the opportunity to try a variety of restaurants. We do allow one “swap” per summer. You may not swap for a restaurant you have already been to. Swaps can only be made at the corporate office Monday-Friday. 9 -6:30pm. Swaps are based on availability.

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4 Reasons to Treat Mom to Brunch at 103 West on Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect way to treat Mom this Mother’s Day? We’ve got you covered with a fabulous brunch at 103 West.

1. The Food is Amazing.

With dish after dish of incredible favorites from Chef Jeff Riedel, and a grande dessert display from our pastry chef Joseph Geonczy, this is NOT your average brunch.

2. You’re Giving an Experience.

If you ask most Moms what they want for Mother’s Day, they’ll tell you that they want to spend time with their family. When you get the whole family together over brunch without the looming tasks of washing dishes or cleaning up the kitchen, you’ve got the makings of a perfect, relaxing afternoon.  

3. Two Words: Endless Mimosas

Raise a glass to mom!

4. The Setting.

The grand ballroom at 103 West is one of the most luxurious settings in Atlanta, making this brunch the perfect excuse to get dressed up with mom (you could even hit Drybar beforehand and get blowouts together to make a day of it!). Also, 103 West is normally only open for private parties and special events, so it’s a little more special than your average lunch spot.  


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Lobster Bar Sea Grille Miami Beach is Now Open for Dinner


Buckhead Life Restaurant Group Opens in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth Neighborhood  

MIAMI BEACH, FL. – MARCH 31, 2017   Lobster Bar Sea Grille, located at 404 Washington Avenue in the heart of Miami Beach, is pleased to announce it is now open and taking reservations for dinner.  The famed seafood restaurant is the newest concept from the national award-winning Buckhead Life Restaurant Group of Atlanta, Georgia, and owners of the popular Chops Lobster Bar and City Fish Market in Boca Raton and sister restaurant Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Fort Lauderdale. Guests can look forward to a restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphere complete with modern-contemporary nautical touches.

“I am very excited to bring this restaurant to South Beach,” said Buckhead Life’s Founder and CEO, I. Pano Karatassos.  “From the atmosphere, to the menu and service, this restaurant will be extraordinary, with the energy and culture of Miami Beach.”  Karatassos acknowledged, “A superb restaurant is never complete without a first class staff that is dedicated, passionate and professional. We have chosen an opening team of proven Buckhead Life veterans to ensure that when we open the doors, we live up to the standards of first class service we have set throughout the company.”

  The culinary team is headed up by Executive Chef Arturo Paz, who joins to the company having worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Los Angeles and Miami.  Most recently, Chef Arturo served as executive chef for Cleo, a Mediterranean restaurant voted “Top Ten Restaurants in South Beach” by Trip Advisor.  In the Buckhead Life tradition, he will work directly with Corporate Executive Chef Pano I. Karatassos and be surrounded in the kitchen by “Buckhead Lifers” who will join the team from the company’s other locations.

The menu offers four signature categories:

  1. Live Lobster Experience- featuring superior Canadian hard shell lobsters from the deep, icy waters of Nova Scotia – considered to be the Rolls Royce of Lobsters. These succulent lobsters are offered with selections of basted butter flavors.  For the purest, live lobsters up to 4 pounds, are offered steamed to 145 degrees, fully cracked and served with traditional drawn butter and lemon

  1. Whole Fish Experience- featuring whole European and local fish. Expertly prepared in the Mediterranean technique of grilling and basting with lemon, oregano and E.V. olive oil, the fish is served filleted by our staff for the guest’s enjoyment

  2. USDA Prime Signature Steaks- A full line of USDA Prime signature steaks from Chops Lobster Bar hand selected and custom aged by Allen Brothers of Chicago and Halpern’s Black USDA Diamond Prime.  Legendary at both the Chops Lobster Bar in Atlanta and Boca Raton, these steaks are the hallmark of our company

  3. Unique Seafood Specialties & Appetizers- An array of sharable appetizers kick-off the dining experience and includes a variety shellfish on ice, crudo of pristine fish, sashimi, ceviche, tartares, as well as buttery house-cured salmon, French tarts and other appetizer specialties. Smaller composed seafood entrees round out the menu

At the entrance to the dining room, a white Thassos marble ice display showcases each day’s catch. Buckhead Life’s dedicated staff is committed, through extensive travel and research, to procure through direct relationships with some of the most reliable and reputable fishing contacts in the United States and Europe.  As a result of these direct relationships, Buckhead Life has eliminated the need for middle-man suppliers providing Lobster Bar Sea Grille with the unique ability to air freight, transport and serve the most pristine fish available.

  The dining room features soft white herringbone subway tiled walls and arched ceilings – a signature for Buckhead Life and reminiscent of the famous Oyster Bar in New York City’s Grand Central Station.  Warm custom lighting creates an intimate and inviting ambience.  Just off the main dining room is a Honduran mahogany paneled private board room that can accommodate up to 20 guests and a large private dining room for 100 guests.  Principle designer and award winning architect, Bill Johnson, noted, “The design is timeless and packed full of energy.”

  The vibrant spacious lounge has a white Carrara communal marble bar top and three exquisite one-of-a-kind led crystal chandeliers, custom-made to resemble light house lenses.  The lounge offers guest more relaxed dining, with comfortable banquettes and booths.  Channel-backed seating surrounds the bar with the plush comfort of a luxury yacht.  Clusters of comfortable club and settee sofas are located near the entrance and bar for cocktails before or after dinner, making it the perfect place to see and be seen or meet friends, or business associates.  Adjacent to the lounge is a fully covered outdoor patio with cushioned furniture, ideal for cocktails and light dining.

Buckhead Life, known for creating opportunities for its dedicated staff, announced that Bobby Asare, a veteran of the company since 2006, has been chosen as the General Manager for the new restaurant.  Asare served as Assistant General Manager of Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Fort Lauderdale and other Atlanta Buckhead Life restaurants.  “Bobby is a rising star in our company and perfect for Miami Beach,” said Karatassos. “Between his commitment to customer service and his ability to create unique dining experiences for our guest, he has the ability to build a very loyal following.”

Lobster Bar Sea Grille will be open for dinner seven days a week.  For more information, please visit or call 305.377.2675.  For up-to-date news and happenings, follow on Facebook at and on Instagram & Twitter @LobsterBarMiami.


    About Buckhead Life Restaurant Group Buckhead Life owns and operates 12 highly successful restaurants: three in South Florida: Chops Lobster Bar and the City Fish Market in Boca Raton, Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Fort Lauderdale and 10 nationally acclaimed restaurants in Atlanta. Lobster Bar Sea Grille Miami Beach will be Buckhead Life’s fourth major restaurant in South Florida, but their first Miami location.  The design of the restaurant was created by award-winning Johnson Studios and Oliver Carter & Associates, both based in Atlanta.

Caroline Clements
PH: 404.601.1310

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