Soft Shell Season

March 10, 2017 softshells Blue Crabs in the warm waters of Florida have started their annual molting process, thus kicking off one of our favorite times of the year: Soft Shell Season! When Blue Crabs outgrow their hard exterior shells they go through a process called molting where they shed their outer shell. It’s only a matter of hours before their replacement shells harden, so when it comes to Soft Shells timing is everything!  Most fisherman will catch Blue Crabs, keep them in saltwater tanks while they wait for the soft shells to molt, and then remove them from the salt water which keeps the new shell from hardening. All of our Soft Shells are sustainably harvested in Citrus County, Florida and delivered live directly to Pano’s Market at the Atlanta Fish Market. Thanks to our relationships with fishermen, we’re serving the freshest {and first!} Soft Shells in the city. Our Chefs are wild about these warm-water loving crustaceans because of their delicate texture and sweet flavor that lends itself to a wide variety of flavors and cooking techniques. From now through mid-June you so you can look forward to Soft Shell Specials from your favorite BLRG chefs!  This weekend you can find soft shells at Buckhead Diner, Bistro Niko, and Chops Lobster Bar.