What We’re Eating: Culingionis Pasta


Culingionis Pasta, Sardinia’s answer to ravioli, is a stuffed pasta shape that you’ll rarely find outside of Italy. Prized for its intricate shape (it takes serious skill to create pasta with the perfect pleats!) and versatility when it comes to filling, this pasta was once considered so precious that it was often given as a gift as a sign of friendship and respect.


While the fillings and shapes vary throughout the region of Sardinia, all Culingionis pasta has one thing in common: its intricate seal. In fact, the ability to shape the pasta perfectly is a prized skill among chefs and every different seal is like a Chef’s signature- unique and identifiable. 


Chef Piero’s Culingionis Pasta on this month’s Regional Menu is filled with fresh sweet peas, local ricotta, and Pecorino mousse and served with roasted tomato and Mediterranean shrimp.